Pimples & Acne: Causes and Treatment, Tips & Remedies

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We are usually bothered when there are pimples and acne appear on our faces. What you see and what the reality is, is something different. When there are pimples and acne, you have to understand why these things are, rather than getting terrified of them. Let’s work on our understanding of the root cause of acne as well as a pimple. First, understand the difference between acne and pimple

Difference between Acne and Pimple

  Acne is a diseaseAcne is a condition affecting the skin hair follicle and the oil gland.    A pimple is one of its symptoms
When the sebum and the dead cells of the skin come together, they plug the follicles. And this plug attracts bacteria. And these bacteria cause inflammation and redness.

let’s understand more causes of pimples.


  • First cause is sinuses are located below the eyes, here and around. So, these three sets are hollow cavities. If they are filled with mucus, they are going to affect you externally.
  • The other reason is our hormonal imbalances; If we don’t get good sleep, we don’t eat properly, we are not relaxed, hormones don’t secret well, and hormones spread into the whole system. Proper all these are the reason for hormonal imbalances.
  • Third reason is junk food, these ready-made products, which are artificially colored, are really bad for the whole system. You should totally avoid them.
  • If you are suffering from constipation, your skin will be affected externally. So internal cleansing is most important. You should eat fresh fruits and vegetables to treat constipation.
  • Use of cosmetics. It really closes the pores of your face and the skin is becoming unhealthy. You should avoid the use of cosmetics.
  • Dandruff on your hair is a very major cause. You should see that if pimples are there, check your hair and make sure that there should not be any dandruff. Healthily wash your head to prevent pimple formation.

Remedies for Preventing Pimples and Acne

  • Good sleep can solve big problems.
  • Eat the right type of food.
  • Drink Indian gooseberry juice which contains vitamin C and that really helps in preventing infection. It helps in managing sinusitis.

You see some natural ingredients which are there in our kitchen and are very easily usable. and these remedies should be used to give health to your skin to handle pimples and acne. There is something special which you will really see the effect of.

1.   Honey

Honey for pimples treatment

Honey is a very good strong moisturizer. It keeps your skin moist. So that the skin always remains soft.


  • Simply apply a few drops of honey on the pimples.
  • Just rub it, and keep it for 10 minutes.
    • And then rinse it with warm water.

That would be a very good remedy for treating acne.

2.   Aloe Vera

Aloe vera for acne treatment

The use of Aloe Vera would help reduce inflammation. It would help reduce bacteria. Removing bacteria from your skin allows the skin to heal naturally.


  • Take a little Aloe Vera gel, mix turmeric, and apply this on the face. Stay for some time and then wash it out.
  • Aloe vera and green tea masks are also good to remove acne. Apply that to your face. Stay for some time and then wash it out.

This remedy removes excess oil from your skin and it really helps to give good health to your skin.

3.   Yogurt

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  • A very good pack is yogurt and fuller earth. Apply this pack to the face. Leave it for some time to let it dry. wash it out after 15-20 minutes.

It helps increase oxygen to your skin, remove inflammation, prevents infections, and gives more oxygen and that really helps in taking care of your acne and pimples.

4.   Fenugreek seed extract

If you are suffering from acne on your face, you should use fenugreek seeds.


  • Add 2 tbsp of fenugreek seeds to 3 cups of water. and leave it overnight.
    • In the morning boil it for 15 to 20 minutes.
    • Strain this boiled water and save it in a bottle.

To use, take some of this filtered water in a bowl and dip cotton in filtered water and apply it to the face twice or thrice a day. This way you can get rid of acne. Keep this water in the refrigerator. These remedies help remove pimples and acne as they will disappear. They are not going to be there permanently on your face.


In addition to these remedies, you have to develop healthy habits of a healthy lifestyle and medical treatment So, have confidence that what will remain permanently is your own positive state of mind, your own Inner Strength, and your own inner spark. What really is required, is nothing else but a sweet smile as makeup. That’s it. You will be surprised.

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