Easy Goat’s Milk Yogurt Recipe Without Yogurt

Goat’s Milk Yogurt Recipe Without Yourt: بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Do you like yogurt but have not a starter? don’t worry, here I walk you through how to make a creamy and healthy recipe of goat’s yogurt from raw milk with no need for a starter. Say bye-bye to store-bought yogurt, and learn how easy it is to make a delectable batch of your right at home.

If you don’t have a starter, it is still possible to make goat yogurt using raw goat milk depending on the bacteria in the environment. 

The Allure of Goat’s Yogurt

Because of its unique composition, goat milk is a very good choice for making yogurt at home. Nutritious and packed with flavor, goat milk yogurt is a great alternative to cow-based products.

How to make a goat’s milk yogurt recipe without yogurt?

Here’s a simple method using only raw goat milk:

Ingredients and Equipment

  • Raw goat milk
  • Clean glass or ceramic containers with lids
  • Warm place for fermentation

Step by Step Guide

1. Heat the Milk

Heat raw goat milk to about 180°F (about 82°C). It denatures the proteins in milk.

2. Cool the Milk

Cool down the milk to about 110 °F (43°C). until it gets lukewarm.

3. Prepare the Containers

Store in clean glass or ceramic containers with lids. Sterilize them if needed.

4. Transfer the Milk

Pour the luked warm milk into bottles.

5. Incubation Period

The containers should be placed in a warm environment for fermentation. It can be done in an oven with the light on, a yogurt maker, hot pot,or any warm place. The proper incubation temperature is about 110°F (43 °C).
Let the milk ferment for 12 to 24 hours. A necessary delay in the longer fermentation without a starter culture may even be needed for the natural bacteria to develop.

6. Check for Set

When the incubation period is up, test for set. It should have thickened slightly, but won’t be as thick as yogurt made with a starter culture.

7. Refrigerate:

When the yogurt is of sufficient density, refrigerate to stop fermentation.

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No yogurt starter is necessary to make goat yogurt. Following these simple steps, you can have goat yogurt of homemade wholesome goodness that suits your taste. Take advantage of the simplicity, nutritional value, and unique flavor raw goat milk offers you on your little adventure in making yogurt. Happy yogurt making!

The taste of this yogurt is probably milder than that made with a starter culture. Just remember that the use of a starter culture offers an even result and is potentially a more reliable fermentation. If you are making yogurt frequently then just set aside a small amount of each batch to use as the starter for the next.


Q1: Can I make yogurt without a yogurt starter?

Absolutely! Though there are several yogurt starters, you can trust the natural bacteria in your environment to ferment the goat’s milk and make delectable yogurt without having any special starter culture.

Q2: Why is goat’s milk suitable for homemade yogurt recipe?

Goat’s milk is famous for its odd composition, having less lactose and different proteins than cow’s. In this way, it is especially good for lactose intolerant people and adds to yogurt’s unique flavor and creaminess.

Q3: Can I ferment the yogurt in any kind of container?

Yogurt can be fermented in clay pots, clean glass, or ceramic containers with lids. Sanitize them to avoid contaminants during fermentation.

Q4: What kind of goat milk should I use for this recipe?

You can use any raw goat milk but for best results, take high-quality fresh milk. Goat milk quality directly impacts your homemade goat yogurt’s flavor and consistency.

Q5: Can I use this method to make flavored goat yogurt

Certainly! After you’ve made some basic goat yogurt, all that remains is to add natural sweeteners or fruit of your choice. Try out a few additions accordind to your flavor.

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